Sportsheet Bedsheet

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  • Tired of your sheets, you're only as tied up as you want to be with the Original Sportsheet Bondage Bedsheet Set.
  • Includes ultra soft, Velcro compatible machine washable sheet, 4 Velcro Anchor pads that adhere anywhere to the sheet, and 4 Sports Cuffs that secure around wrists or ankles and clip to the Anchor Pads.
  • Move your partner and the pads quickly and easily into new positions.
  • Instructional DVD included.
  • Fits King and California King mattresses. Machine washable.
  • Ingredients: Polyester, nylon, ABS plastic hardware, Polypropylene, Velcro, nickel free metal hardware, neoprene
  • Includes: Soft, Velcro compatible, fitted bed sheet, 4 Velcro anchor pads, 4 neoprene sports cuffs, 1 DVD

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