5 Piece Vibrating Pillowcase Set

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This velvety five-piece vibrating pillowcase set with a silicone dildo is the perfect addition to your relationship for intensely pleasurable, intimate and experimental fun, making it the ultimate treat for you and your partner.

 Slide the velvety pillowcase over your bed pillow and let the pleasure-games begin!

Slip the deliciously firm silicone dildo through the velcro pad and attach to the pillowcase to discover positions which brings you the intense pleasure. Experiment and move it around the pillowcase until you find the right position for the ultimate satisfaction.

Add the Hump Bump bullet vibrator into the equation for clitoral stimulation and let the powerful vibrations bring you to a sheet-gripping climax. Combine the vibe with the flared base dildo for double the pleasure!

This vibrating pillowcase set is ideal for exploring which positions and areas of stimulation work best for you and your partner - perfect for widening your repertoire of sexual positions. Light and portable - you can take it anywhere. The pillowcase can also be used alone as a positioning pillow.

Five-piece set incudes:

- Machine washable and Velcro compatible soft, velvety fabric pillowcase

- Hump Bump and bullet vibrator

- Silicone Dildo

Use a water-based lubricant for slippery ease.